Associate SSL recruitment - APPLY NOW

Background information

The Royal College of Surgeons of England, with support from partners, launched the RCS Surgical Trials Initiative in December 2012. Surgical Specialty Leads (SSLs) and the seven Surgical Trials Centres that have been recruited and form the core of the initiative. A new team of SSLs has been funded jointly by the Royal College of Surgeons and the British Orthopaedic Association and recently recruited in Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgery. The new SSLs are:

Paul Baker (ADULT ORTHOPAEDICS), York University and South Tees NHS Trust

Xavier Griffin (ADULT TRAUMA), University of Oxford and Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust

Dan Perry (PAEDIATRIC TRAUMA & ORTHOPAEDICS), University of Oxford and Alder Hey NHS Trust


Role Description (3x roles available)

Since launch, one of the overriding objectives of the initiative has been to develop trainee involvement in surgical clinical research by engaging with trainees, supporting trainee research collaboratives and hosting numerous events across all specialties.  The new SSLs will be responsible for leading the recruitment process for three Associate Surgical Specialty Leads (Associate SSL). The post-holders will work closely with their assigned SSL to develop and deliver surgical clinical research. This is a unique opportunity for a trainee to be involved in this successful initiative and have the opportunity to shape the course of research in their specialty.


  1. An opportunity for three trauma and orthopaedic trainees to learn about trial design and conduct with mentoring from their respective SSL
  2. Trainee to attend SSL meetings in London and where appropriate, joint SSL and Surgical Trials Centre meetings
  3. Trainee to be party to correspondence re SSL work
  4. Trainee to be on a trial management group/steering committee
  5. Travel expenses supported from the SSL grant
  6. Trainee to be co-applicant on a new grant
  7. To liaise with surgical clinical trial units and research design service
  8. To champion work with other trainees


  1. Applicant to have an NTN in Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgery and to be Home Associate members of the British Orthopaedic Association
  2. Applicant to liaise with trainee collaboratives within their field to co-ordinate pre-trial work to inform new trials
  3. Applicant to work with at least one trial
  4. Applicant to attend meetings and consider attendance at systematic review meetings
  5. To apply and work with the RCS opportunities for systematic reviews
  6. Demonstration of ability to team work with other trainees, and create or re-enforce established trainee research networks
  7. To support the RCS Surgical Trials Initiative  
  8. Act as a focus to promote research opportunities amongst trainees including funding and training opportunities

How to apply

Applicants should provide short CV (2-pages) with a covering letter, not more than one page, describing their interest in the post, their preferred subspecialty interest and reasons why they are an excellent candidate for the post. The deadline for applications is Tuesday 30th June 2020. Applications should be made to:

BOA Research Committee