Guidance for trainees


Squeezing Lemons during COVID-19 with Lisa Hadfield-Law

Lisa Hadfield-Law presents a 12 minute screencast to help trainers and trainees maximise opportunities for learning and developing their portfolio during COVID-19.


GPCS Guidance



Generic professional capabilities (GPCS) which may be relevant to work during COVID-19 pandemic

Lisa Hadfield-Law, the BOA’s Education Advisor, has produced a document about demonstrating generic professional capabilities during COVID-19.

During this pandemic period, many trainees will find it helpful to start preparing their portfolios to reflect requirements of the new curriculum. We have reviewed the GPC framework published by the GMC which sets out essential generic capabilities integrated into the new T&O curriculum.

Learning opportunities and ISCP recording



How to register assessors who do not have ISCP accounts

There will be some unique opportunities for learning over the pandemic period. Many members have asked about recording evidence on ISCP and Lisa has put together a quick guide detailing how to register assessors who do not have ISCP accounts.



Guidance on voluntary recording of COVID-19 related experience in the ISCP (17th April 2020)

JCST have also developed guidance for recording COVID-19 experience in ISCP.

Webinars from Orthohub and RCSEngland with guidance for trainees



COVID-19 & Impact on Orthopaedic Training. What does it mean for you?

Orthohub ran a 1 hour webinar on 22nd April 2020 featuring Lisa Hadfield-Law, Rob Gregory and Tricia Campbell which was very informative and well received. 



COVID-19 Q&A with ASiT and BOTA

RCSEngland held a 1 hour Webinar on 23rd April 2020 which was a joint collaboration with ASiT and BOTA focusing on how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting trainees progression and day to day lives.

Podcasts from BOTA President, Tricia Campbell

20th March 2020: How COVID-19 Impacts Trainees & Juniors and JCST/HEE Guidance with Ms Tricia Campbell

Tricia discusses updates from the JCST, Health Education England and the GMC to try and help alleviate concerns trainees may have, including not being able to complete courses and the ARCP Process.

9th April 2020: BOTA Update for Trainees - ST3 Selection, ISCP, ARCPs & Learning Opportunities in COVID-19

Tricia discusses National ST3 Selection, the ARCP process for trainees including extensions to training, opportunities to continue gaining WBAs and innovative ways regions are continuing to teach.