National selection

Rob Gregory (SAC Chair) and Mark Crowther (SDG Chair) have released an open letter (on 2nd May 2020) to trainees regarding the national selection process in England undertaken this year. 

BOA Statement on National Selection published 23rd April 2020:

The results of national selection at ST3 were announced by HEE on Wednesday 22nd April 2020. It rapidly became apparent that the number of applicants offered posts was considerably less than anticipated. This led to a review of the way in which the scores were processed and as a result an error in one very specific and important area was identified. All applicants were promptly advised that the scoring process was being reviewed, that the revised results would be announced promptly, and that applicants already advised that they had been successful would not be affected. The revised results have now been announced.

We are aware of the additional anxiety that will have resulted from this unfortunate error, are sympathetic to all those affected, but remain confident that the ultimate outcome of the amended selection process is as safe as possible under the circumstances.