Patient Liaison Group (PLG)

The patient-doctor relationship remains the bedrock of modern medicine. With significant current political pressures this has never been more important. Lay input is now an integral part of the development of guidelines, patient pathways and commissioning. The British Orthopaedic Association was proactive in this regard and in March 2004 the BOA Patient Liaison Group (PLG) was formed, comprising lay members and orthopaedic surgeons. It was considered invaluable to have advice and input from patients when the BOA was planning orthopaedic and trauma care, guidelines and when responding to changes in healthcare systems, including training and education.

The PLG meets at the BOA three times each year and provides a regular report for BOA Council meetings, which the Lay Chairman attends as an ex officio member. However, the committee remains highly active on several fronts throughout the year strongly supporting trauma and orthopaedic patients and surgeons.

The PLG enjoys strong links with a number of patient groups, such as Arthritis Care. We would encourage patients interested in Arthritis Care to visit their website.