Our research strategy focuses on understanding and influencing the new landscape for medical research in the UK for the benefit of trauma and orthopaedics.

Over the last decade Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery Research has been through a challenging time. The change in funding mechanisms and the increasing financial stringency imposed on Universities has led to a loss of support for Trauma and Orthopaedic Academic Units even though the benefit given to our patients is huge and lasting. The burden of musculoskeletal disease is enormous and consumes a large share of the NHS funding but the investment in research (a minute proportion of the 1.5% going into surgical health research from the circa £3 billion medical research budget each year) does not match either the benefit given or the sheer numbers (1.6 million T&O operations in 2010) treated.

Accordingly we are focusing our attention on how to promote T&O research and develop a cohesive strategy for the future. We have moved away from direct funding of small research grants (previously known as Joint Action funding) and are concentrating our resources on infrastructure and facilitating future research, where we believe we can create a bigger and longer-lasting impact.