The National Joint Registry (NJR)

The National Joint Registry exists to provide a complete contemporary record of joint replacement surgery for hips, knees, elbows, shoulders and ankles in England and Wales, with Northern Ireland currently in the process of joining also.

  • The NJR aims to provide a data for definitive research into the full range of biological, mechanical, clinical and social factors influencing the outcome of joint replacement and to establish the impact of joint replacement surgery on the well-being of patients and the population. The aim is to enhance the understanding of the science of arthroplasty, improve and enhance clinical practice and benefit public health.
  • The NJR aims to provide extensive links to other population health resources and to encourage the widest possible access of the data to the research community through providing a platform for inquiry into all aspects of arthroplasty.

As of 2014, the BOA President has a co-opted position on the NJR Steering Committee, which we believe will further strengthen our partnership; see the announcement on the NJR website.

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