15 Feb 2023

We are aware of recent media coverage regarding the performance of some variants within the Nexgen range of knee replacements and want to provide information to patients who may be concerned.

The concerns were identified by the National Joint Registry (NJR) as part of their routine monitoring of implants. The NJR is the largest orthopaedic registry in the world and routinely collects data on hip, knee, ankle, elbow and shoulder joint replacement surgery and monitors the performance of all joint replacement implants.

If you have been implanted with one of the affected knee implants, you should be contacted by the hospital that carried out your surgery with further information. The NJR has provided all hospitals with a list of affected patients recorded in the Registry. For Scotland this will be co-ordinated by health boards. All affected patients should be offered clinical follow up and examination as outlined in the Actions section of the Device Safety Information Notice (DSI/2023/003).

If you experience any pain or other problems associated with your NextGen knee replacement (for example a limp, inability to bear weight, swelling or instability of the knee), please speak to your orthopaedic surgeon/ hospital in the first instance.