01 Sep 2012

BOA Research Strategy: Improving Mobility - extract

The British Orthopaedic Association and the Department of Health, Health Research systems in the Departments of Health in the four countries, the Research Councils and the Orthopaedic and Musculoskeletal Research charities, including Arthritis Research UK6 and Orthopaedic Research UK need to work together to improve the culture, infrastructure and delivery of T&O research.

We must actively explain the need to develop new and effective ways of treating our patients and delivering our services nationally. This involves explaining the need for high quality musculoskeletal T&O research to policymakers, commissioners, patients and clinicians to highlight the benefits of high-quality musculoskeletal research in improving the quality of patient care. We need to showcase our British orthopaedic surgery solutions internationally.

The quality of our research should attract partnership with the implant/devices industry.

Our Goals

1. Develop a culture and climate which promotes curiosity and innovation
2. Partner with all to facilitate high quality musculoskeletal research
3. Represent musculoskeletal disease and help set musculoskeletal research priorities
4. Facilitate research activity nationally
5. Foster strong collaborations between Trusts, academic units, disciplines and CTUs
6. Help foster and improve clinical research recruiting networks
7. Stabilise and grow research manpower and infrastructure.

Download the full strategy document here