01 Sep 2012

BOA Training and Education Strategy - extract:

The first BOA Training and Education Strategy document was published in 2012. It set out an action centred approach to development work across four community domains and eleven projects. A year later we have taken the opportunity to refresh the strategy in the light of work completed, and some new initiatives reflecting the ever changing dynamic of surgical training and education. 

The BOA focuses its training and education resources on:

  • Development of the T&O specialty training curriculum.
  • Construction and delivery of an annual trainee instructional course, geared to a four year FRCS (Tr and Orth) cycle.
  • Awards of fellowships and prizes.
  • CESR courses for SAS surgeons aspiring to gain entry to the specialist register.
  • Delivery of training the trainer and educational supervisor instructional courses.
  • Delivery of MSK clinical assessment skills courses for those in Core Training.
  • Revalidation of all T&O surgeons through our annual Congress with a series of clinical and other instructional content geared to a five year cycle.
  • The development of our e-learning capability for both specialty training and broader revalidation purposes.


The need for continuing pace

The shape and diversity of the healthcare work force is evolving rapidly: all elements are doing more with less in order to contain NHS expenditure at a sustainable level. T&O in particular faces a unique set of challenges and the BOA has developed an action plan through which to address them: full details are contained in our Practice Strategy.

Focused on high quality care for patients against the backdrop of a 15% and growing capacity gap in elective orthopaedics, the action plan highlights the need for better patient pathways, enhanced implant surveillance, strong partnerships between providers of acute care, multidisciplinary teams working seamlessly across the primary and secondary care divide, and clinical culture change within the T&O community.

All this needs to be instilled in surgeons from the outset of their careers, and the challenge for the BOA as a Surgical Specialty Association is to identify, recruit, educate and nurture the best talent from medical schools and throughout their formative and specialty training in order to create sufficient:

  • High quality T&O capacity with surgical capability in depth to meet future demand.
  • Future clinical academic capacity to sustain the UK’s T&O research capability. 
  • The rationale for this is set out in the BOA Research Strategy

In addition, we need to:

  • Care better for our patients throughout their treatment pathways by engaging effectively and productively with General Practitioners, Nurses and Allied Health Professionals with an interest in orthopaedics. 

Accordingly we continue to broaden the scope of our training and education work.

This will be essential if we are to encompass more fully the needs of the T&O community and the wider musculoskeletal multi-disciplinary team. 

Achieving this through an action centred, project based approach to Training and Education .


Download the full strategy document here