Orthopodcast 21 - Chronic Pain and the T&O Patient

26 Sep 2019

There is a reluctance to talk about pain because it isn't as visible or tangible as other T&O conditions. With an ageing population, we will need to do more to meet the needs of people with chronic pain. It might not be life-threatening, but it can have a devastating impact on quality of life. David Ring shares invaluable insights into how we might help, which are relevant to all of us, both personally and professionally.

David is associate dean for comprehensive care and professor of surgery and psychiatry at Dell Medical School, in the USA. Before moving to Texas, he was a professor of orthopaedic surgery at Harvard Medical School, chief of hand surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital, and chair of the MGH Orthopedic Quality and Patient Safety Committee. He was awarded a Ph.D. for clinical research in psychosocial aspects of arm pain from the University of Amsterdam in 2005.