How long does it take to train as a T&O Surgeon?

This is the most common pathway to achieving a career in T&O surgery.  Find out more on how to get into Medical School.

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Medical Degree (4-6 years)
  • Entry method:  Application, admission test and interview
  • Prerequisites:  At least three very good A-Levels in relevant subjects, plus good GCSEs
  • Examination:  MBBS, MBCHB
  • On completion:  Provisional registration with the GMC
Foundation Training (2 years)
  • Entry method:  Online application (ranked)
  • Prerequisites:  Provisional registration with the GMC
  • Examination:  Part A of the MRCS may be taken
  • Full registration with the GMC occurs at the end of FY1
Core Training (2 years)
  • Entry method:  Central recruitment with application and selection centre or interview
  • Prerequisites:  Full GMC registration and completion of foundation competencies
  • Examination:  MRCS (must complete Part A and Part B during core training)
  • On completion:  MRCS qualification
Improving Surgical Training Project (2 years leading the Run Through training)
  • This is currently only a pilot project starting in T&O in 2020
  • The aim is to deliver an enhanced experience in surgical training compared with the current core training.
  • Candidates on this scheme starting this year will be on a run through path to CCT so potentially an eight year programme
Specialty Training (approx. 6 years)
  • Entry method:  Application form, selection centre and interview
  • Prerequisites:  MRCS examination, successful completion of core training
  • Examination:  Intercollegiate specialty exam (FRCS)
  • On completion:  Award of a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT)

On receipt of a CCT on T&O, candidates are entered onto the Specialist register of the GMC and are eligible to apply for Consultant posts in the UK.

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