How to Apply

How do I apply?

Please read the following information carefully.

Applications for all routes are now open and will close on 06 September 2020 at 23:59pm

On this page you can find information about:

  • Funding routes and how to apply for them
  • Important information when applying
  • Selection process

Funding Routes and How to Apply for them

There are four main application routes to gain a place on the FLP:


Trust-sponsored Fellows

For a Trust-sponsored fellowship, there are two options: either you may already be working at a Trust and they wish to sponsor you on the programme, or you might be recruited to a Trust which wants to put you onto the scheme. The Trust and participant will need to fill in the Trust Application form, provide a CV for the participant and complete our Equality and Diversity Monitoring form. There will be at least 10 Trust places on offer on the 2020/21 FLP, and successful candidates will be selected through a panel decision. Places will be awarded by 30 September 2020.


BOA-sponsored Place

To apply for the BOA-sponsored place, please use the Main BOA application form, supply your CV and Equality and Diversity Monitoring form.

The BOA have chosen to sponsor a place for one female candidate as a first step to address gender underrepresentation as identified in our 2020 Diversity Inclusion Strategy found here. This is a pilot for one year and will be reviewed at the end of the programme to assess its impact. As we establish data for other under-represented groups and subject to evaluation of the effectiveness of its approach, we will look to broaden this scheme in future years.

The sponsorship covers all fees, learning materials and day delegate hospitality, but does not cover travel or accommodation, which would need to be funded by the individual themselves.

Applications will be reviewed and shortlisted by a BOA panel and an interview held in September/October (date to be confirmed). The Quality Improvement Project proposed in these application can be any topic selected by the candidate.


Individual Applications (Self-funded)

For an Individual (self-funded) fellowship, please fill out the relevant sections in the Main BOA application form, provide your CV and complete the Equality and Diversity Monitoring form. Individual (self-funded) places will be awarded by 15 October.

Specialist Society

Specialist Society-sponsored Fellows

For a Specialist Society-sponsored fellowships, the places available this year are listed in the table below along with the criteria for applications. These Specialist Societies will use the Main BOA Future Leaders Programme application form (which also requires a CV and completion of the Equality and Diversity Monitoring form). Applications will be reviewed and selected by each individual Specialist Society.

Please find in the table below a list of Specialist Societies sponsoring place(s) on the 2020/21 FLP and their individual criteria.

Specialist Society-sponsored Places - Information and Criteria

Specialist Society

Places sponsored




Open only to members of the society.

BLRS will conduct internal voting by Executive Committee Members to select the successful candidate.



Open only to members of the society.

BHS will select the successful candidate by panel assessment in an anonymised process.



Open only to members of the society.

If applicant is of a Plastic Surgery background, BSSH will pay the BOA Affiliate membership fee.

BSSH will select the successful candidate by panel assessment in an anonymised process.



WOC are inviting applications from candidates with a strong interest in global orthopaedics, and whose project will involve the provision of orthopaedic care or education in low/middle income countries.

WOC will select the successful candidate by panel assessment in an anonymised process.



The BOTA fellowship is generously sponsored by Post Graduate Orthopaedics.

Open only to members of BOTA.

There will be an interview to select the successful candidate (21 September 2020).



Selection will be based on the fellow's ability to engage with BORS Executive Committee and working groups, their enthusiasm for interdisciplinary research involving orthopaedics, engineering and biology, and their potential ideas to increase active involvement of orthopaedic trainees in BORS.

BORS will select the successful candidate by interview.

Important Notes about Applying

  • All application forms and CVs must be submitted as Word documents.
  • You may apply for multiple routes (e.g. a combination of BOA-sponsored, Specialist Society-sponsored and self-funded fellowship), however, if you are successful for one, your application for the other(s) will automatically be removed from consideration. Self-funded places will be offered only once the sponsored places have been offered.
  • All applicants need to include with your application a completed Equality and Diversity Monitoring Form. As part of our monitoring processes we ask for your cooperation in completing the questions on this form. If for any reason you do not wish to provide an answer to any question, please tick the ‘prefer not to say’ box. 
  • All applicants for Trust-sponsored, BOA-sponsored and Individual (self-funded) places require a Surgeon Project Sponsor, the details of whom should be given in the relevant application form. The Surgeon Project Sponsor is responsible for overseeing the applicant's proposed project, and must agree to being nominated before you submit the form. Further information on Surgeon Project Sponsors can be found here.

Selection Process

All applications received by the BOA will be subject to an anonymous processing practice, with identifying details removed from the application form before being passed to the deciding panel. This blind (anonymised) shortlisting process will be used to reduce the potential for unconscious bias.

We may hold interviews for some places on the programme and will endeavour to let candidates know of dates with as much notice as possible.

Terms and Conditions: By applying for this programme, you are confirming that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of the BOA Future Leaders Programme.

Processing of data: The BOA takes the security and privacy of your data seriously. We have put together policies to comply with our legal obligations under the Data Protection Act 2018 (the ‘2018 Act’) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’) in respect of data privacy and security. Please visit our website at for information on the data we collect and how we use that data as part of our business and to manage our relationship with you.