Guidance from the T&O SAC on the New T&O Curriculum: clarification of the transition rules.

As trainees and trainers prepared for the New Curriculum launch on August 4th 2021, one area was unexpectedly unclear: who should move to the New Curriculum and who should remain on the old curriculum. Rob Gregory, SAC Chair for Trauma & Orthopaedics, clarifies the arrangements here.

"One consequence of having different Training Programme start dates (August and October) across the UK relates to the impact of a standardised new curriculum implementation date. When we planned  the new curriculum launch for 2020, the SAC pressed for implementation dates to vary according to programme start date and for the transition period to, as previously permitted, extend to two years for all trainees. Given that new curricula were to be launched across more than sixty medical specialties, the GMC decided that there should be a single implementation date for all, and that, when the impact of Covid-19 was taken into account, this should be August 2021."

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Guidance from the T&O SAC on the New T&O Curriculum clarification of the transition rules.pdf