UKITE FAQs for Trainees

How do trainees register for UKITE?

UKITE 2020 will take place between 4th-11th December
Registration for UKITE 2020 will open later in the year. All participants for UKITE, including BOA members, must register for UKITE by the registration deadline in order to be given access.

UKITE registration takes place via the BOA website. 
All trainees intending to sit UKITE should register themselves.  More information on registration for UKITE 2020 will be available soon. 

Do trainees need to pay for UKITE?

UKITE is free for BOA members provided their BOA subscription is up-to-date. New members need to apply for BOA membership in order to be eligible for free registration. New members can join online

Non BOA members will need to pay £150 to register for UKITE.
There will be a late registration fee of £50 for both BOA and non-BOA members who wish to register for UKITE 2020 after the registration deadline

How is UKITE delivered? 

UKITE is delivered online via the BOA Learning Hub
An account for the BOA Learning Hub will be created for all trainees who register for UKITE. Access to the Learning Hub will be set up shortly after registration and information about this will be sent by email. 

When/where do trainees sit the UKITE exam?

UKITE sittings for each training programme are scheduled during the UKITE period (2020 UKITE period to be confirmed).  
Trainees usually sit UKITE in an exam centre with access to computers. The venue and all local arrangements are organised by the Training Programme Director (TPD). 

Are trainees monitored during the exam?

Yes, trainees are monitored during the exam by their TPD and/or nominated invigilator. These arrangements are determined by the TPD. 

Can trainees sit UKITE from home/a non-invigilated venue?

Trainees who want to sit from home/a non-invigilated venue need to organise this with their TPD who should then inform the BOA UKITE Team. Access to the examination content on the day of the UKITE sitting is password protected; arrangements need to be made to ensure that trainees not sitting UKITE at the invigilated venue have the required access information. 

How long does the exam last?

The UKITE duration is 2 hours 45 minutes, unless there are additional arrangements in place. 
Any trainee wishing to request additional time for the exam should contact 

What happens on the day of the exam?

The TPD/nominated invigilator will provide trainees with the password to access the content and start the exam.
The exam will automatically time out after the allotted time. 

Trainees will be prompted to fill out the online feedback form after completing their exam and will then receive their result. 

Where can trainees find their result?

Provisional results will automatically show shortly after the exam is completed (this may take a couple of minutes to appear)
Results may be subject to change further to any post examination analysis. Confirmation of results will then be sent to individual trainees by email at a later date.  

Can TPDs see the results of their trainees?

TPDs are sent details of the result of trainees from within their programme shortly after the exam. However, only result information of trainees who have opted-in to share their result in this way is included. There is an option to opt-in to result sharing during the registration process.  

Following UKITE, some aggregated exam data is sent to all TPDs. This does not contain any individual identifiable information. 

Is exam feedback available to trainees after taking UKITE?

Yes, after completing UKITE trainees will be able to access the exam questions. This includes the correct/incorrect answers and reference information. This is available via the exam section of the BOA Learning Hub. 

This resource will only be available for approximately two weeks after the UKITE period has ended. 

Do BOA offer access to past UKITE papers/questions for trainees?

Currently this is not available. The BOA is looking at the UKITE question bank to identify questions that would be suitable for use as an additional resource for trainees. Updates on this will be made in due course.