Team Members

Dr Catriona McDaid

Reader in Trials, BOSRC Initiative

Dr Catriona McDaid is a Reader in Trials and lead for the BOSRC initiative. She has expertise in the evaluation of complex interventions across a range of methodologies including, trials, systematic reviews, health technology assessment and mixed methods research. 

Professor David Torgerson

Director, York Trials Unit

Professor David Torgerson is Director of York Trials Unit has extensive experience of designing and successfully delivering trials, including orthopaedic and musculoskeletal trials such as ProFHER and UK-FROST. 

Professor Catherine Hewitt

Professor of Trials and Statistics

Professor Catherine Hewitt is a Professor of Trials and Statistics with a particular interest in orthopaedic research and provides expert advice on trial design and statistics for the development of grant applications. She is a member of the NIHR HTA Funding Committee.

Belen Corbacho

Health Economist

Belen Corbacho is a Health Economist with special interest in the assessment and appraisal of health technologies. Belen has expertise in undertaking economic evaluations of surgical interventions such as the HTA funded ProFHER. 

Liz Cook

Research Fellow and Trial Manager

Liz Cook is a Research Fellow and Trial Manager who brings expertise in trial delivery to the trial development and grant application process. She is currently involved in or leading on the delivery of several surgical trials.  Liz has previously worked in Monitoring/Quality Assurance roles in the NHS and in the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr Puvan Tharmanathan

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Puvan Tharmanathan is a Senior Research Fellow with a background in Pharmacy. He has expertise in clinical trials of medicinal products as well as orthopaedic trials. He is also Manager of the York hub of the Research Design Service - Yorkshire and the Humber, bringing expertise to BOSRC in developing grant applications. 

Dr Stephen Brealey

Trial Manager

Dr Stephen Brealey is a Trial Manager with a special interest and expertise in multi-centre pragmatic randomised trials of musculoskeletal conditions. He is the Lead Investigator in York for SWIFFT and UK FROST, NIHR HTA funded trials. Stephen has been a featured author in the Bone and Joint Research journal in recognition of the ProFHER trial publications.

Alison Booth

Research Fellow and Trial Manager, QIST

Alison Booth is a Research Fellow and Trial Manager with a background in radiography, clinical governance and research ethics. She has experience in range of research methods including systematic and scoping reviews, trials, qualitative studies and knowledge translation. She is currently managing QIST and working on PRESTO.

Catherine Arundel

Trial Co-ordinator

Catherine Arundel is a Trial Co-ordinator involved with several surgical trials. She brings expertise in the delivery of trials and has a specific interest in wounds research. Catherine led the SWHSI (Surgical Wounds Healing by Secondary Intention) pilot trial and is currently leading SWHSI-2 which is the full randomised controlled trial arising from this work as part of a programme grant.