01 Jun 2013

Volume 1 Issue 1

This journal will be distributed to both members and non-members of the BOA free of charge, and will replace the BOA’s member-only publication ‘British Orthopaedic News’ (BON). Readers may be asking ‘why the JTO?’ and why ‘pass the baton’ from BON?

Firstly, we have chosen to build on the news and ‘magazine’ style that BOA members found in BON; while this was very good and an important communication portal, we have felt that more could be provided in terms of structured educational material that would be of benefit to members and also the wider audience. We were aware, for example, that there are outstanding invited or guest lectures that are given at the BOA Congress or at Specialist Society meetings and then are lost in the ‘ether’. JTO is an opportunity to capture these lectures and publish and preserve them for the wider benefit of all. These articles will be peer reviewed to reinforce the direction of travel and standards of the new Journal. There are also opportunities for the Specialist Societies to have a regular section in the journal and to promote other areas of interest such as medicolegal practice.

As you will see from this issue we have a wide range of articles, from latest news to peer reviewed instructional content later in the journal. We believe this provides a complementary offering to existing publications, such as The Bone and Joint Journal, and will serve to keep BOA members and the wider community fully up-to-date on the latest issues of policy and practice.