01 Jun 2016

Volume 4 Issue 2


Is there more said than listened to?

So apparently the NHS has managed to wrestle the juniors back to the negotiating table – phew, what a relief! Of course by the time this comes out we may be back to square one or possibly moved on to the consultant contract, but that is part of the fun of being part of an editorial team, trying to anticipate how people might miss the point next time.

A recent paper from Manchester describes the much quoted increased death rate over weekends as a statistical artefact. I am fairly sure this will morph into “well, to get the death rates down we need to admit more healthy people over weekends” in the view of the popular press. On a lighter note, in this issue we focus on our younger patients with Fergal Monsell as Guest Editor. The peer-reviewed section is typified by Fergal’s and Chris Colton’s management of supra condylar fractures essay. The typical thoughtful and cogent arguments show the dignity of keeping clinical scientific argument balanced and patient-orientated – something we should all remember.

I am sure you will all be pleased to know that our front page illustration is the winner of a competition kindly run on our behalf by Great Ormond Street Hospital and I think has poignancy in these interesting times.

Clearly, the topic of Virtual Fracture Clinics is controversial (pages 32 and 36) and deserves comment from our membership. We look forward to hearing your opinions.

The article regarding the new format of the instructional course and the realities of CT1-2 training show the progress being made in the educational process and the reality that there is so much more to be achieved.

So, lots to see in this issue. Keep your letters coming – we have peaked at approximately one an issue! Come on! This is your chance to have a rant and know, at the very least; you will be heard but not misquoted!


Ian Winson – BOA Vice President