01 Sep 2013

Volume 1 Issue 2


The months since the last issue of JTO have been dominated at the BOA by the publication of surgeon level outcomes (cover image; feature article on page 18), the publication of the new T&O curriculum (see page 34), our commissioning guidance work stream (see page 12), as well as preparation for the BOA Annual Congress (see pages 2 and 48). It has also been the first few months for the new NCD for MSK, Peter Kay (see page 22) and a period with new Department of Health policies in procurement and patient safety (see page 12), among others. Looking back it is also one year since the London Olympic and Paralympic Games, which we mark with an interesting feature on sports trauma clinics on page 39.

I appreciate that some readers may be receiving this issue at the Congress and we hope any new readers find the JTO interesting and informative. We encourage you to let us know your thoughts and responses to the articles you read. And, for those who are members and receive a second JTO in the post, we encourage you to give a copy to a colleague who hasn’t had one and suggest they too sign up to receive future issues for free by contacting [email protected].

Finally, this issue includes our first letter to the editor. If you would like to contribute a letter to a future issue, I’d be pleased to hear from you.