02 Aug 2022

Decision support tools published

NHS England has published a suite of eight decision support tools covering varying conditions along with guidance on how to use them and evaluating the impact.  Four of these DSTs will support decisions related to MSK conditions.

Decision support tools (DSTs), also called patient decision aids support shared decision making (SDM) by making treatment, care and support options explicit, providing evidence based information about the associated benefits and risks, and helping patients to consider what matters most to them in relation to the possible outcomes, including doing nothing.

These DSTs have been developed in accordance with NICE standards framework for shared decision making support tools, including patient decision aids.  NHS England will continue to build on this suite of DSTs and publish as they become available.  To help NHS England in future clinical DST development, please share your feedback by completing this short questionnaire.  Feedback closes on 31st December.

The pdf for each of the four MSK related decision making tools can be downloaded from the links below: