On the 8th February the Government published its plan for recovery of elective surgery for NHS England.  The plan is available on the NHS England website.

Professor John Skinner, President of the British Orthopaedic Association said:

“We welcome the publication of the Elective Recovery Plan which prioritises the restoration and expansion of much needed surgery for patients who have waited an extraordinary amount of time.  

“Prolonged waiting has a significant impact on patient’s mental and physical health. Patients in severe pain lose mobility and independence, their health deteriorates, they are unable to work, require more GP support and increasingly rely on stronger and stronger pain killers.

“We agree there is an urgent need to invest in dedicated surgical hub centres to increase capacity where planned operations can be delivered year-round. Dedicated resource must be identified in all regions to allow operations to begin immediately alongside plans for robust, reliable year-round surgery to eliminate these enormous waiting lists. We welcome investment in expanding the healthcare workforce to deliver this ambitious plan.”