Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the British Orthopaedic Association, has explored areas where it can provide clinical and pastoral support to casualties of this conflict. A number of expert organisations are working to provide front-line assistance to the wounded and educational support to the local medical services. Logistic assistance, including the supply of medical equipment is being centrally coordinated by teams working within the NHS. It was recognised in the early stages, that involvement of additional groups including the BOA in this acute phase was not required, but there is ongoing dialogue with key stakeholders about the provision of more strategic assistance, focussing on reconstruction and rehabilitation.

The BOA has been working with BSSH, BAPRAS and the Ukrainian Association of Orthopedists-Traumatologists to deliver a series of webinars to support our Ukrainian colleagues with managing complex trauma/pathology. 

More details on the next webinar to be held and links to view previous webinars can be found here.