BOA Statement: The Duke of Edinburgh's Hip Surgery

04 Apr 2018

The Duke of Edinburgh is to undergo planned hip surgery in hospital on Wednesday 4th April due to osteoarthritis.

Ananda Nanu, President of the BOA, said:

“Hip conditions are incredibly painful and disabling. The commonest hip conditions affecting people in later years are arthritis, inflammation and if there has been a fall there can be hip fractures. Total hip replacement is a very successful operation in all age groups. It is the best form of pain relief that we have for arthritis and painful hip conditions. The surgical and anaesthetic teams will have made careful assessment to ensure the safest form of anaesthetic and surgery is performed.

“All operations have some risks but generally hip surgery is successful. Complications include chest infections, blood clots and bladder problems. After the operation pain relief is achieved by a combination of injections and pain killing tablets. Most patients can start to mobilise from 24 hours after surgery. The aim is then to start walking and increasing activity on a daily basis.”



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