Training and Education

The BOA focuses its training and education resources on:

  • Anticipation of change in the T&O education and training landscape
  • Development of the T&O specialty training  curriculum
  • Establishment of a T&O undergraduate curriculum
  • Exploring simulation opportunities
  • Construction and delivery of an annual instructional course, built around a four year FRCS (Tr and Orth) cycle
  • Awards of fellowships and prizes
  • CESR support for SAS surgeons aspiring to gain entry to the specialist register
  • Delivery of trainer, assessor, and leadership training
  • Delivery of MSK clinical assessment skills courses for those in Core Training
  • Revalidation of T&O surgeons through our annual Congress with a series of clinical and other instructional content geared to a five year cycle
  • The development of our e-learning capability for both specialty training and broader revalidation purposes
  • Development of Orthopodcasts to support clinicians.

Please use the following links to learn more about each aspect of our training and education resources.