Fragility Fracture Network UK 2024



The Fragility Fracture Network (FFN) is a global organisation, which was founded in order to create a multidisciplinary network of experts for improving treatment and secondary prevention of fragility fractures.

The FFN mission and vision underline this and are the foundation for all decisions taken. The FFN believes that useful policy change can only happen at a national level and multidisciplinary national coalitions are the most effective way to achieve this. Hence the FFN acts as a global template for creating national alliances in as many countries as possible.

Session Title: I’ve fixed the bone now let's fix the patient

Important Information

Please note that all Friday sessions are face-to-face sessions and run concurrently, you will only be able to attend one event. 

Please Note: All Friday sessions need to be booked separately from the main Congress (Tuesday - Thursday) and booking fees may apply.

Session Chairs:  Opinder Sahota (Orthogeriatrician) &  Xavier Griffin

Session 1: Optimising secondary prevention medication

Session 2: Frailty for the non-geriatrician’

Should you have any queries, please contact Lauren Exell via  [email protected]