Membership Categories and Subscriptions

Membership at the British Orthopaedic Association comes in many different categories to suit all stages of your career. As per our 2012 Annual General Meeting, we have added a Congress Supplement to the subscription, that will allow our members to attend the Annual Congress for Free*.

We ask all our members for a voluntary donation towards research, as part of our commitment to funding the future of Orthopaedics to care for our patients and support our surgeons. The contribution is either £25 or £50 depending on your membership classification and will be added to your annual subscription invoice.

*Terms and Conditions apply

2019 Rates

  • Classification
  • Home Fellow
  • Home Member
  • SAS Surgeon – Year 5-10
  • SAS Surgeon – Year 11-15
  • SAS Surgeon – Year 16+
  • Post CCT Member
  • Overseas Fellow
  • Senior Fellow
  • Senior Fellow with BJJ
  • Affiliate
  • Overseas Associate
  • Rate
  • ​£599.00
  • £396.00
  • £174.00

  • £245.00
  • £342.18
  • £396.00
  • £313.00
  • ​£75.00
  • £172.28
  • £80.00
  • £151.00

Medical Student / FY / Home Associate

  • Grades
  • Medical Students / Foundation Year
  • ​ST1-ST2 / CT1-CT2
  • ​ST3-ST4 / LAT
  • ​ST5-ST6
  • ​ST7-ST8
  • Rate
  • £15.00
  • ​£171.00
  • ​£186.00
  • ​£224.00
  • ​£262.00
  • Part-Time Rate*
  • N/A
  • £108.09
  • £115.59
  • £134.59
  • £153.59

*We consider part-time hours to be three days or less during a working week.

Annual Renewals

Subscription runs from January to December. Renewals are issued in October/November and are payable on demand. Failure to pay within 2 months of the due date will result in benefits being suspended. Failure to pay within 9 months will result in automatic revoking of membership and a returning fee will be applicable. Members need to inform us of any changes in their membership grade. Please notify us by emailing

Payment Method

Direct Debit is the preferred option, overseas members may pay by bank transfer, Cheque, Visa or MasterCard.


Refunds are not payable on any part of your subscription except in exceptional circumstances.


Receipts are available and issued either in the post or by email.

Taxable Discounts

As a professional body registered by HM Revenue & Customs, if you pay your membership subscription from your earnings and live in the UK, you can currently claim tax relief, which reduces the real costs of your membership; please speak to your financial advisor to clarify.

Geographical Coverage

The British Orthopaedic Associations core remit covers the UK and Republic of Ireland. Those applying from outside this area should apply for overseas membership.

In our 2010 Annual Report, our membership was made up of the following categories, culminating in a total membership strength of 4,135, or around 40% of the entire UK surgical workforce.

Membership Category Description
Honorary FellowsElected from men or women of distinction, whether lay or professional, who have made an outstanding contribution to Orthopaedic surgery​
Senior FellowsHome Fellows, Companion and Home Members who have retired from all professional practice and are over the age of 60 may apply for Senior Fellowship. Only in exceptional circumstances will Senior Fellowship be granted to applicants under that age​
Home Fellows
Elected from orthopaedic consultants resident and in independent specialist orthopaedic practice in the British Isles and on the Specialist Register (Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgery) of the General Medical Council or the Medical Council of Ireland​
​Overseas Fellows
​Elected from orthopaedic surgeons resident outside the British Isles who are established as consultants or specialists and have received part of their training in the British Isles or have shown continued interest in the affairs of the Association
Home MembersElected from those in locum or temporary consultant posts in orthopaedics. Non-consultant career grade orthopaedic surgeons resident and holding substantive posts within the British Isles can apply under the SAS tiers and Post CCT fellowships.
SAS SurgeonsElected from Specialty Doctors, Staff Grades and Associate Specialists who have completed at least four years of post graduate training and one year experience in T&O
Post CCT MembersElected from non-consultant career grade orthopaedic surgeons, resident and holding substantive posts within the British Isles, or those who have been awarded a CCT and have not yet been appointed to a substantive post.
Home AssociateElected from those who are, at the time of application, Specialist Registrars or others in full or part-time training posts with educational approval in Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery in the British Isles. Home Associate membership is normally limited to the term of employment as a trainee.

Elected from among medically and non-medically qualified members of professions allied to orthopaedic surgery and whose work is consistent with the objects of the Association. Individuals trained or training as orthopaedic surgeons are not eligible to apply under this category

Medical Students/ Foundation Year DoctorsElected from those who are, at the time of application, undergraduate medical students and post graduate doctors in their foundation years, who can provide evidence of their status as such and have an interest in trauma and orthopaedic surgery. Medical student membership is limited to the duration of their studies at this level
Overseas Associate​Elected from orthopaedic trainees who are in International training posts outside the British Isles and who have shown interest in the affairs of the Association