Exeter Key Plans

Having been awarded the grant, Exeter CTU said:

"Exeter CTU is delighted to have been awarded this funding from the BOA.  This award will ensure we can rapidly build on the recent successes of the South West T&O clinical research community.  We will be working in partnership with the BOA to provide methodological support and collaboration to T&O researchers across the UK.  This includes the development of ambitious young investigators, with online training and ongoing mentoring, in the design and delivery of efficient trials to answer important research questions from patients and professionals in the T&O community."

Over the coming three years, they plan to identify and develop new and existing T&O researchers, to continue the growth of high-quality T&O research in the UK and develop new and innovative trials that deliver answers to complex clinical questions. In particular, they plan to provide wrap around development of orthopaedic researchers by:

  • Finding, networking and developing people and ideas – through participating with the BOA and associated societies; regional and national meetings and networks; linking with the James Lind Alliance; 
  • Providing targeted and specific training - including the design and development of a bespoke online course for Chief Investigators;
  • Providing an expert team for strategic T&O study development, design and delivery through an experienced, UKCRC-registered clinical trials unit;
  • Mentoring and partnering - for grant development and submission, trial design and delivery, and success;
  • Building a sustainable pipeline of success - targeting NHS consultants (with MD or PhD), early to mid-career clinical academics, established academic surgeons, those with a Principal Investigator track record or those just starting out with enthusiasm and energy.