Nottingham Key Plans

Having been awarded the grant, Nottingham CTU said:

"Nottingham Clinical Trials Unit is delighted to partner with the BOA to further develop clinical trials research in trauma and orthopaedic surgery. We are excited to be combining our expertise in clinical trial design, development and delivery, with the enthusiasm and experience of T&O clinical researchers in the UK. This initiative will enable us to work closely together to tackle the major T&O research questions that impact on patients and the NHS."

NCTU plans for this initiative:

Their plans for this BOA initiative to develop clinical trials in trauma and orthopaedics focus on engagement and training:

  • Sandpit events and research co-production workshops
  • Increasing trainee involvement through the NIHR Associate PI scheme
  • Strengthening Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement in T&O surgical research
  • Research methods CPD short courses and training webinars

They will work with other CTUs conducting T&O surgical research to develop a comprehensive approach to supporting research that maximises coverage and minimises duplication.