Hold a Raffle

Why not hold a raffle to raise funds for Joint Action? 

Raffule Tickets.jpg

Holding a raffle is a quick and easy way of boosting donations and increasing fundraising for a great cause. It is a fundraising classic that everyone loves!

How do I get started?

  • Get a raffle number book – they're often available to purchase at supermarkets, stationers or online.
  • Ask around to see what prizes your contacts or local businesses are willing to donate. Prizes could include sharing time and expertise, as well as vouchers or gifts. Don’t forget to give a Big Thank you to those who donated on the night. 
  • Pick a date and time for your raffle, and advertise your social media platforms and to friends and family.
  • Charge per ticket entry and donate the money to Joint Action.
  • Make sure you check whether you need a gambling license for your event, and confirm that you're following legal requirements.

We're here to help - If you have any questions about your fundraising, please pop us an email at [email protected].