A new directon

The Transient Journal is almost one year old and as the events of 2020 begin to become an uncomfortable memory, we are learning to live with the consequences of this global event and the uncertainty that it continues to cause. We are beginning to believe what we have frequently muttered to each other “that this too will pass” and are looking forward to reinstating our former social and professional lives.

We are keen that the Transient Journal is part of this this re-integration and what started as a rapid access magazine to disseminate opinions on the COVID-19 epidemic, has acquired its own more mature form and direction. We plan to expand our portfolio and embrace all aspects of the written, verbal and visual media, using the whole internet experience including video clips, podcasts and blogs.

To begin this transition, we are pleased to introduce a short video in which Andrew Wolf, Professor of Paediatric Anaesthesia explains a personal strategy that he has used to confront stress in his professional life.

We encourage you to submit material on any topic of general interest, in whatever form you choose.