Breathing techniques for stress management

As part of 2024 Mental Health Awareness week, we have published a video resource on breathing techniques from Helena Bourdillon to help with stress management.

Around 2000/01, Helena was on the verge of suicide. Today she leads a life that she could never have imagined possible while she was battling depression.

Her mission is to spread her story and message that life is worth fighting for, that it is never too late and anything is possible, for anyone.

Helena has survived and triumphed over chronic depression and now freedives to depths of -76m.  She has seven National Records for depth and has represented Great Britain at the World Championships four times.

As a certified Buteyko Clinic and Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor, with additional education gained from many other breath work disciplines, Helena uses her knowledge to help anyone who sees the value in working to improve their health and general performance: from Long Haul Covid sufferers, to CEOs and performance athletes, people who struggle with anxiety and panic attacks to those just wanting to feel and do better by returning to and building upon the fundamentals of good breathing practice thus improving mental and physical baseline health as well as focus, performance and endurance.

Helena has prepared this short video on breathing techniques to help our members deal with stress levels and hopefully reduce the chance of stress burnout.