The BOA staff support strategy and policy development, communications and media engagement, education programmes, financial planning, events management, membership, specialist societies and Joint Action research fundraising.

Executive Office

Justine Clarke image

Justine Clarke

Chief Operating Officer

Celia Jones image

Celia Jones

Personal Assistant to the Executive


Policy & Programmes

Julia Trusler image

Julia Trusler

Director of Policy and Programmes

Harriet Wollaston image

Harriet Wollaston

Programmes and Committees Officer

Eliza Khalid image

Eliza Khalid

Education and Programmes Assistant

Alice Coburn image

Alice Coburn

Education and Careers Manager


Communications & Operations

Annette Heninger image

Annette Heninger

Director of Communications and Operations

Sabrina Nicholson image

Sabrina Nicholson

Marketing and Communications Officer

Natasha Wainwright image

Natasha Wainwright

Membership and Governance Officer

Nick Dunwell image

Nick Dunwell

Publications and Web Officer



Liz Fry image

Liz Fry

Director of Finance

Megan Gray image

Megan Gray

Deputy Finance Manager

Hayley Oliver image

Hayley Oliver

Finance Assistant



Charlie Silva image

Charlie Silva

Head of Events

Venease Morgan image

Venease Morgan

Events Coordinator

Anna Prunty

Interim Events Coordinator

Henry Dodds

UKSSB Executive Assistant