14 Sep 2023

Sustainable Orthopaedic Systems

By Deborah Eastwood and Stephen Bendall

Orthopaedics Online
22 Dec 2022

A vision of sustainability for orthopaedics: what does the future hold?

By Harry Hodgson

Orthopaedics Online
15 Dec 2022

How can we make Trauma and Orthopaedics in the UK more Eco-friendly?

By Karolina Wieczorek

Orthopaedics Online
08 Dec 2022

An evaluation of the use of reusable theatre hats

By Simon Billingsley

Orthopaedics Online
01 Dec 2022

“Eco-Wolff’s law”: Identity-based sustainable adaptation of trauma and orthopaedics

By Jan Drmota

Orthopaedics Online
18 Nov 2021

Sustainable orthopaedic surgery. An oxymoron?

By Gareth Chan, Lucy Sinclair, Chantelle Rizan, Stephen Bendall, Mahmood Bhutta ...
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Orthopaedics Online
18 Nov 2021

Climate change and the orthopaedic surgeon; what can I do?

By Martyn J Parker

Orthopaedics Online
23 Aug 2021

Ethical arthroplasty? International cobalt supply chain risks and orthopaedic surgery

By John T Williams and Elizabeth K Tissingh

Orthopaedics Online