Battlefield Surgery

To further support surgeons throughout the world who are working in military conflicts, the BOA has created a series of generic videos on battlefield surgery from recent webinars it has recently hosted with collaboration from BAPRAS.  This project has brought together recognised experts with deployment experience, covering a wide range of topics relevant to the management of battlefield trauma. This content will be relevant to the provision of assistance in areas of conflict, independent of geo-political considerations.


1. Initial surgical management of battlefield injuries
2. Compartment syndrome and fasciotomy in a military context
3. External fixator principles and simple flaps for battlefield casualties
4. Management of bone defects in a conflict situation
5. Amputation in a military context
6. Long term management of the military amputee


7. Lower limb peripheral nerve injury


8. Battlefield pelvic trauma


9. Management of abdominal trauma in a military context


10. Paediatric battle casualties


11. Management of burn injury in conflict


12. Non thermal burns


13. Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threats


14. Battlefield injury and infection


15. In harm’s way; caring for surgical teams in war


16. Pre-hospital care and transport, paediatric blast injury