QI Projects

BOA Future Leaders Programme - Quality Improvement Projects

The Future Leaders Programme (FLP) supports T&O surgeons with the passion to be future leaders within their specialty. We equip them with the advanced leadership skills necessary to excel and each participant plans a Quality Improvement project during their year on the programme. We use this process  as a vehicle to develop leadership skills. The FLP modules are strategically designed with quality improvement in mind, with a focus on the science and methodologies of QI and evaluating QI data, in order to give FLP fellows the capabilities they need to be leaders in this field.

Our FLPers have each created a screencast to capture their achievements over the last year. Some of these will be QI initiatives well underway, others will be a summary of their own leadership development journey. The essence will appear in the title so you can decide how best to use them. You may be considering the value of the Future Leaders Programme or familiarising yourself with a fellow’s experience or project. If you want further details, please contact Lisa Hadfield-Law.

QI Project Screencasts

*Please note the following screencasts were produced by a participant on the Future Leaders Programme and represents their personal views and not necessarily those of the BOA.

Leadership and me
Benjamin Kapur

BOA Future Leaders Programme -  BLRS sponsored FLP fellow
Jerry Tsang

The Dorset Health Village: A new and innovative Consultant-delivered NHS outpatient care model
Caesar Wek

Distal radius fracture manipulation: A QIP utilising a T&O led outpatient pathway and Bier block regional anaesthesia
Daniel Morris

How to keep your revision pateints and keep then happy! -- and -- Why has no one heard of Ysbyty Glan Clwyd?
Deepu Bhaskar

Day Case Spinal Surgery Pathway
Euan Stirling

Clubfoot Tenotomy Webinar
Jim Turner

BOA Future Leaders Programme -  Reflections and Lessons Learnt
Iris Kwok

The Start of My Leadership Journey - Lessons I have learned from the BOA Future Leaders' Programme
John Kendall

Pathway to Leadership
Khalid Al-Hourani

Alliance for Africa
Kohila Vani Sigamoney

The Bullet holes in the Planes - Learning to lead beyond my comfort zone
Margo Dirckx

Embedding Orthopaedic Clinical Trials Within National Patient Outcome Registries: A Feasibility Study
Mark Sohatee

Simplifying a process and saving resources
May Labidi

BOA Future Leaders Programme What I Learned
Rohit Singhal

Thematic analysis of lost theatre time: Upper Limb Unit
Rupert Wharton

Complex Wrist Trauma Pathway
Shahrier Sarker

Development of an e-learning resource for Achilles rupture patients
Sophy Rymaruk

Core programme for locally employed doctors
Sukhdeep Gill

Is leadership a gift or an acquired skill?
Tamer Sweed

QI screencasts from the 2019 FLP cohort