QI Projects

BOA Future Leaders Programme - Quality Improvement Projects

The Future Leaders Programme (FLP) supports T&O surgeons with the passion to be future leaders within their specialty and equip them with the advanced leadership skills necessary to excel. Participants in the FLP undertake a Quality Improvement project during their year on the programme. We use the process of building a QI project as a vehicle to develop these leadership skills. The FLP modules are strategically designed with quality improvement in mind, with a large focus on the science and methodologies of QI and evaluating QI data, in order to give FLP fellows the skills and knowledge they need to be leaders in this field.

The COVID pandemic interrupted the QI projects for most of our 2019 FLP fellows. However, we had an alternative strategy to supplement the leadership personal development plans (PDP) which included a summary of the leadership skills fellows acquired from the programme and action plans for the next stage of their development. Fellows could either complete the programme by either:

  1. Creating a screencast summarising their QI project: describing the project, what the fellow achieves and what they learned
  2. Submitting ideas for post-COVID NHS

Our first completed QI project has been submitted by Steve Kyriakou who is an Upper Limb Fellow at East & North Herts NHS Trust.