Practising what we preach! Arterial injuries associated with fractures and dislocations

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Arterial injuries associated with a fracture or a dislocation present many technical problems. The resolution of these problems is complicated by the need for effective collaboration under severe  pressure of time. 

In the wake of the recent update of the Arterial Injuries BOAST, this webinar explored how forethought,  preparation and collaboration can help achieve those Standards. The main objective of the webinar was to encourage those of us who deal with these injuries to work with our local colleagues to ensure our own preparations are adequate.  

Panel included:
Bob Handley  - BOA President 
Jayne Ward - T&O Surgeon 
Mark Ainsworth-Smith - Consultant Pre-Hospital Care Practitioner 
Karim Brohi  - Vascular Surgeon
Tom Wright - Plastic Surgeon
Alex Trompeter - T&O Surgeon
Will Eardley – T&O Surgeon