Overall governance of the BOA is exercised by a Council of 17 elected Trustees and 12 ex-officio members.

The Trustees comprise six Officers and 12 elected Council Members.

  • The six Officers – the Presidential Line (President, Immediate Past President, Vice President and Vice President Elect), the Honorary Secretary and the Honorary Treasurer are elected by Council
  • Trustee Council members are elected by postal ballot of all Home Fellows
  • The Trustees have voting rights; holders of ex-officio posts do not. 

All new Trustees are issued with the Charity Commission booklet on their duties and responsibilities. They also receive a pack of briefing papers as recommended by the Charity Commission, are asked to sign the Trustees’ Conflict of Interest form, and to provide information for the Register of Interests. 

Council devolves designated responsibilities to a number of Committees, Subcommittees or Working Parties. Their chairs and members are appointed by Council on the recommendation of the Executive, normally following an open application process against job descriptions. The President, Vice President and Honorary Secretary are ex-officio members of all Committees.

Don McBride image

Don McBride


Don McBride is a full time Consultant Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon at the University Hospital of North Midlands, Stoke on Trent UK. He is involved with undergraduate and postgraduate teaching at Keele University and at The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Memorial Hospital, Oswestry. He has research interests across the field of Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgery. He was previously President of the British Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society (BOFAS) and has been Honorary Treasurer and Secretary of the European Foot and Ankle Society (EFAS) and Honorary Treasurer of the British Orthopaedic Association (BOA). He is currently President Elect of EFAS, Chairman of the Certification Board of EFAS, a Council Member of the International Federation of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (IFFAS) and President of the BOA. He is a Clinical Adviser to the National Health Service Ombudsman for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and is a Specialty Adviser to NICE.

Bob Handley image

Bob Handley

Vice President

Bob Handley is a Consultant on the Trauma Service at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford for 25 years. He is currently the Vice-President of the BOA, and is a Past President of the Orthopaedic Trauma Society and AOUK. Bob co-chaired two NICE guideline development groups related to fractures, and is National Clinical Lead for GIRFT Orthopaedic Trauma.

John Skinner image

John Skinner

Vice President Elect and Honorary Treasurer

John Skinner is Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at RNOH Stanmore with a special interest in hip and knee replacement surgery. He is on the Editorial Board of the BJJ. John is the Vice President Elect and Treasurer of the BOA and has represented the Association at high level discussions with NHS England and other stakeholders on elective care.

Professor Phil Turner  image

Professor Phil Turner

Immediate Past President

Professor Philip Turner has been a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon based at Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport, UK since 1990.  He is the Senior Surgeon in the department and specialises in all aspects of knee surgery having established a tertiary referral unit for complex knee problems.

His clinical interests are in sports injuries of the knee, complex knee ligament reconstructions, the arthritic knee in younger patients, disorders of the patello-femoral joint and the failed knee replacement.

He is a Council and Executive member of the BOA and was President from 2018 to 2019.  He has previously been the North West Orthopaedic Training Programme Director, Head of the HENW School of Surgery, Chair of the Confederation of Post-Graduate Schools of Surgery and Chair of the BOA Training Standards and Curriculum Committee.

He has been involved in surgical education throughout his career and has been the Chair of the IQA Committee of the Joint Committee on Intercollegiate Examinations.  He was awarded the Fellowship of the Faculty of Surgical Trainers of the RCS Edinburgh in 2016.

He is active in promoting research and service delivery in his previous role as a domain clinical lead in the Manchester Academic Health Science Centre and Chair of the Greater Manchester Orthopaedic Alliance. He is now clinical lead for the transformation of specialist services in Greater Manchester and holds an Honorary Professorship in the School of Health Sciences at the University of Salford.

Deborah Eastwood image

Deborah Eastwood

Honorary Secretary

Deborah Eastwood is UCL Professor of Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgery at Great Ormond Street and the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospitals. Deborah works in the generality of paediatric orthopaedic surgery, but has particular interests in children with overgrowth syndromes, metabolic bone disease and those with neurological problems. She also deals with hip and foot/ankle problems and acts as the lead surgeon for the Ponseti service for clubfoot deformity. Deborah is currently BOA Honorary Secretary, a former council member of BSCOS (British Society for Children’s Orthopaedic Surgery) and current Board Member for EPOS (European Paediatric Orthopaedic Society).

Lee Breakwell image

Lee Breakwell

Elected Member

Lee currently works at Sheffield Children’s and Teaching Hospitals as a spinal surgeon. He trained in Sheffield, West Midlands, with Fellowships in Nottingham and the USA. He is a Council member of the BOA, and was formerly President of BOTA. He is a member of the BOA Trauma group, and is responsible for Spinal BOASTs. 

He was Director of Education in Sheffield for 10 years, and led AO Spine Education for the UK. He is co-designer, developer and administrator of the British Spine Registry, and has been audit lead for both spinal surgery societies. He is currently secretary of the UK Spine Societies Board, who are responsible for organising the biennial BritSpine Congress.

His current research interests include respiratory function in Early Onset Scoliosis, and growing spine surgery. 

Simon Hodkinson image

Simon Hodkinson

Elected Member

Simon trained in London at St Bartholomew’s Hospital from 1977-82.

He was a Royal Naval cadet as a medical student so after house jobs in London and the Navy he spent the next two and a half years on General Duties in the Royal Navy.

After a crash course in all sorts of medical disasters he might face at sea, he went to the Falklands and Antarctica for the best part of a year before spending the second year in general practice in a Naval base.

Simon started his surgical training with in the Navy in 1986 and in 1990 joined the fledgling HEMS project at the London as one of the original three Drs flying on the helicopter.

His higher training took him out of the Navy to Edinburgh and Leeds before being appointed a Consultant in the Navy in 1995.

Deployments to Cyprus, Bosnia and the Gulf intermingled with his early career and he then left the Navy in 1999 to join the NHS in Portsmouth.

In the NHS he developed his fledgling interest in foot and ankle surgery, which rapidly became him chosen speciality as the department expanded.

After a period as clinical director in Portsmouth his interest in education started as the RCS Tutor and progressed to being the Training Programme Director for T&O in Wessex for 8 years and membership of the SAC for 5 years. 

He remains on the Training Standards Committee and the Education Committee of the BOA.

Simon and his wife remain on the South Coast and thier children have fled the nest, one into the profession the other to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

He is honoured to have been elected as a trustee and looks forward to serving the profession over the next three years.

Richard Parkinson image

Richard Parkinson

Elected Member

Richard was born in Ilkley in the county of Yorkshire and completed his secondary education in York. He then attended medical school at the Victoria University of Manchester where he graduated in 1981. His postgraduate training took place in the North West Region under the auspices of Professor Charles Galasko.  He did an overseas AO travelling trauma fellowship at Harbour View Medical Centre in Seattle, USA.  His knee arthroplasty fellowship in 1993 was with John Bartlett in Melbourne, Australia. Richard did a further sports medicine fellowship with Dr Kennie Bramlett in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

Richard started his Consultant career at Wirral NHS Trust in the Mersey Region. He was appointed in 1994 with a primary interest in surgery of the knee.  He has developed that subspecialty but still performs over 100 primary hip replacements per annum. His orthopaedic hero is Professor Sir John Charnley. 

He completed his two year term of office as President of BASK (British Association for Surgery of the Knee) in 2016 and has previously served on the Education Committee and the Professional Practice Committee of the BOA.

He is truly honoured to be able to serve the British Orthopaedic Association in a time period where the orthopaedic profession is facing enormous challenges. The financial situation both in primary care and secondary care is critical.  All of those in the profession have had to participate in their own departmental cost improvement programmes while at the same time trying to maintain a first class clinical service and keep waiting times down to the national minimum.

His interests outside orthopaedic surgery are golf, ornithology, fell walking and the history of World War 1.

Mark Bowditch image

Mark Bowditch

Elected Member

Mark is a consultant at the Ipswich NHS Trust where he was appointed in 2000.  He qualified from Manchester in 1989 after an intercalated BSc in Physiology, knowing that orthopaedics was for him. Surviving Charles Galasko’s HO post, he went to Glasgow University to demonstrate then on to Edinburgh as A&E SHO in perhaps a forerunner of a MTC set up. 

His peri-fellowship BST was in Sheffield.  The queue for registrar jobs at Sheffield was long so he applied for the Cambridge registrar rotation, where his parents lived.  This became the East of England HST where he first worked in Ipswich.

His specialist interest is knee surgery, particularly soft tissue.  His mentor, David Dandy, guided him to a fellowship with Greg Keene in Adelaide where he really honed his arthroscopic skills.

Mark was BOTA secretary in 1998 and since being at Ipswich he has pursued his interest in training, becoming TPD for East of England in 2006 until now.  It has been an immense sense of pride to have contributed to and follow the progress of new trainees through their achievements on the programme and subsequently in consultant life.  He has been a FRCS Orth examiner for eight years and served on the SAC for the last five.  He was recently appointed as Chair of the SAC in T&O from January 2017.

In Ipswich, he has very supportive colleagues who have allowed him to pursue his leadership roles with the mentorship of Clare Marx (PRCS Eng).  He has been Chair of the MSC and is currently the Surgical Divisional Director. 

Mark is married to Lucy with four children and relax on their small hobby farm in Suffolk with his vintage MF tractor, six dogs and five alpacas amongst a variety of other animals.  Others might say he doesn’t really relax at all, since he's a keen triathlete, regularly competing at the 70.3 distance and a past Ironman.

He is really looking forward to serving as a BOA Trustee.

Peter Giannoudis image

Peter Giannoudis

Elected Member

Peter is the Professor of Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Leeds. His clinical work is focusing on the management of patients with multiple injuries, pelvic and acetabulum reconstruction, upper and lower limb fractures and post fracture fixation complications amongst others.

His research portfolio is diverse with active involvement in clinical trials. He is the author of 600 peer reviewed publications and editor of 10 Orthopaedic Textbooks.  

Peter is actively involved in education at the National and International level (Chair AO Davos Courses, Polytrauma, Masters, Limb Salvage).  Moreover, he hosts six courses/masterclasses annually in Leeds focusing on fracture fixation, surgical techniques, and surgical approaches. 

Throughout his career, he has served in a number of positions of responsibility including President of BTS, President of the European Society of Pelvis and Acetabulum (ESPA), International Chair Orthopaedic Trauma Association (OTA), President Elect ESTROT (European Society Tissue Regeneration in Orthopaedics and Traumatology), Clinical Director of Trauma Services in Leeds, Executive Member EFORT Trauma Education Committee and Editor in Chief Injury Journal.  

He has contributed to the evolution of trauma services in Britain with his work on the BOA National Trauma Committee, expert group for NCEPOD report 2007 (Trauma who cares?) and advisory member of NICE.   

During the past 5 years, he has delivered over 100 international lectures promoting British Orthopaedics and establishing international connections worldwide which are invaluable to further promote and establish links with other associations. 

Rhidian Morgan-Jones image

Rhidian Morgan-Jones

Elected Member

Rhidian trained in Cardiff at the University of Wales College of Medicine as it was then, qualifying in 1989.  He returned as a Consultant in late 2000.  His training rotation was between Oswestry and Stoke-on-Trent and included fellowships in Johannesburg and Sydney.  Since his appointment, he has specialised as a revision knee surgeon with an interest in infection, a field which remains both challenging and rewarding, although not always in equal measure.

He has a strong interest in education at all levels and continue to lecture widely, albeit within my increasingly niche sub-speciality.  He has had the pleasure of founding and running national knee/infection meetings from which he continues to learn from his peers.  A personal philosophy, when possible, has always been to organise cross-speciality meetings, which broadens one’s perspective and heightens respect for colleagues in other medical and non-medical areas.  The ability to network and coerce friends to help is perhaps a strength.

Rhidian's research interests reflect his clinical practice, combining revision knee replacement and prosthetic joint infection.  In these two areas he feels we are progressing but have so much more to learn.  Increasingly, he enjoys collaborative research with surgeons and units both within the UK and internationally.
He has three children, Myfanwy 21, Ioan 19 and Bronwen 16 who will be delighted to have their names in print.  They remain the best grounding a surgeon can have.  He is proud of them all.

Rhidian is honoured, and still surprised, to have been elected as a BOA Trustee.  He hopes to serve the membership in any way he can and reflect the pride he has in being part of the orthopaedic community.

Hamish Simpson image

Hamish Simpson

Elected Member

Hamish is Professor of Orthopaedics and Trauma, and Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon in the Department of Orthopaedics and Trauma at the University of Edinburgh, specialising in limb reconstruction, musculoskeletal infection and paediatric deformity.  He was trained in Cambridge, Oxford, Bath and Gloucester.

He carried out fellowships in Toronto and with Ilizarov in Kurgan, before taking up post as Reader and then Professor of Orthopaedics in Oxford, where he was fortunate to be mentored by Professor John Kenwright.  In Oxford, he ran the limb reconstruction unit and established the bone infection unit in collaboration with microbiological and infectious diseases colleagues. After many happy years in Oxford, he moved to Edinburgh to take up a fulfilling post as head of the academic department.

Hamish is currently President of the Combined Services Orthopaedic Society and previously have been President of BLRS, APOS and BORS, and have been Chairman of SCOT. 

He has a strong interest in training and has sat on the SAC and currently Chair the T+O Scottish Training Improvement Group (TOSTIG).  Having completed my term as examiner on the intercollegiate board, he now examines for the FRCS (Orth & Trauma) in Hong Kong.  He is keen to help trainees carry out higher degrees and have supervised over 50 successful doctoral theses.

He has research interests in stem cells for musculoskeletal repair, musculoskeletal infection, novel cutting methodologies and impaired bone healing.

Consequently, he has been awarded Hunterian and King James IV professorships by the English and Edinburgh colleges respectively.  He also has research interests aimed at optimising patient outcomes and have run multiple multicentre studies to help achieve this.

He is married to Helen and has a daughter 3 sons and a dog.

He is honoured to be elected and look forward to serving as a BOA trustee.

Duncan Tennent image

Duncan Tennent

Elected Member

Duncan qualified from Barts in 1992 and after SHO jobs at the Royal Free and the RNOH registrar rotation, he spent a year in Virginia on a sports fellowship discovering what you can do with an arthroscope.  After another short stint at Stanmore he was appointed as a consultant with a special interest in shoulder and elbow surgery at St Georges Hospital in 2003. He was fortunate to have fantastic mentors including Paul Calvert, Deborah Eastwood and Ian Bayley who taught him so much about teaching and training.

He has been the education Chair for BESS and the undergraduate education lead for the BOA.  He is currently on the SAC and Treasurer of BESS.  He is also the Director of Education for the South West London Elective Orthopaedic Centre as well as being a Reader in Orthopaedic Education at St George’s Medical School.

Being involved in education from undergraduate to fellowship he sees all of the difficulties that arise from all the different pressures.  He is also lucky enough to be able to see the innovative work that individuals and organisations are doing.  How we train has to evolve and he is very much enjoy being a part of this process.

Duncan is fortunate to have very supportive colleagues in an excellent department which enable him to spend some of his time doing all this work and he is looking forward to the next three years helping to shape the education of the future.

Grey Giddins image

Grey Giddins

Elected Member

Grey trained in Oxford and at the RNOH. He has since worked as an orthopaedic and hand surgeon in Bath since 1995.  He is privileged to work in a very supportive team of three hand surgeons and four hand therapists with a wide range of practice, including a full range of elbow, wrist and hand trauma and elective conditions. He has particular interests in the management of common hand injuries, the mechanism and outcome of falls on the wrist, and minimal access surgery for many common elective hand conditions such as finger ganglia, corrective osteotomies and closed fusions.  Grey runs a specialist practice in obstetric brachial plexus injuries, wrist and DRUJ pathology, and rheumatoid arthritis.  He has an interest in surgical error and its avoidance.  

Grey is a visiting professor in the Mechanical Engineering department at the University of Bath, where he runs a research programme looking at tendon injuries, mechanisms of falling and joint replacement failures.  He has recently been awarded an NIHR grant to develop a novel drill guide system. He has developed a novel jig to measure DRUJ instability and am developing jigs to measure instability in other joints.  

He was honoured to be President of the British Society for Surgery of the Hand (BSSH) in 2017 and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Hand Surgery (European) from 2012-2016.  

He is married with two daughters in their 20’s, a son who has just left school and a cat and dog.  When not at work, he enjoys playing tennis, golf, skiing and swimming. He cycles most places to work, not least as parking is increasingly difficult.

Grey hopes to be able to contribute further to the already strong programmes of the BOA.

Rob Gregory image

Rob Gregory

Elected Member

Having graduated from Newcastle University in 1981, Rob remained in the North of England to train in Orthopaedics and after spending a highly rewarding fellowship year in Adelaide, returned to take up his current post in Durham where he has remained for the last 25 years. 

Rob's clinical interest relates to surgery of the knee but he has always had a strong interest in orthopaedic training. He is currently a member of both the SAC and Selection Design Group, hold QA Lead roles in his School of Surgery and SAC, am an examiner at both MRCS and FRCS (Orth) level and was particularly honoured to be awarded Trainer of the Year two years ago.

He has held senior departmental management roles for over ten years and as a result is familiar with the constant conflict between service and training but is always aware of our duty to ensure that investment in the future of our profession is given the highest priority.

He is a firm advocate of performance improvement being driven by the publication of accurate, relevant outcomes data and believe that we can only achieve the highest standards of both training and clinical care if we are prepared to accept that we have areas of weakness. Alongside this we have to be proud of our considerable achievements and defend these strongly in the prevailing political climate.

Rob is fortunate to have what he believe is the best job in the world and is also fortunate to have been supported throughout his career by a wonderful wife, Nicola, and three wonderful children. He is looking forward to the next three years, he appreciates the professional support that he has been given and hopes that he can help ensure that the profession remains the very best for the next generation.

Fergal Patrick Monsell image

Fergal Patrick Monsell

Elected Member

Fergal Patrick Monsell was born in Dublin and emigrated shortly before England won the World cup. After attending Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School, Rochester he graduated without distinction from the Welsh National School of Medicine. He completed higher surgical training at the University of Manchester and fellowship training at the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children, Sydney. He was appointed to the Consultant staff at the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street and the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore in 1997 and has been a Consultant at the Royal Hospital for Children, Bristol since 2005.

His clinical practice is broad based with a special interest is the management of patients with limb deformity. He has experience in surgical and prosthetic management of this patient group and leads a multi-disciplinary team. He is involved in all aspects of paediatric trauma and the treatment of children with cerebral palsy using a spectrum of contemporary techniques.

He has an active research portfolio and has published on surgical innovation, outcomes in limb reconstruction and paediatric orthopaedic surgery. He is involved in the provision of global healthcare and runs an international visiting surgeons programme 

He has been awarded degrees at Masters and Doctorate level, is visiting Professor at Cardiff University and King James IV Professor for 2018. 

He is General Editor for AO Surgery Reference (Paediatric Trauma), a Member of the Board of the Society for Children’s Orthopaedic Surgery, the Education Committee of the BOA, Council of Management of Bone and Joint Journal and Specialty Editor for paediatrics. He is Past President of the British Limb reconstruction Society and was an ABC travelling fellow in 2000.

He is married to Ros, who he met at school, has three grown-up children and to his credit is a lifelong Spurs supporter.

Arthur Stephen

Elected Member

Arthur trained at the University College and Middlesex Hospital School of Medicine, London graduating in 1993. His higher surgical training was in the Mid Trent region and Brisbane, Australia before taking up my consultancy at the Royal Derby Hospital in 2004. This has recently merged becoming the University Hospitals of Derby and Burton, housing over 50 surgical theatre suites and has become one of the largest orthopaedic units in the country, second only to dedicated elective orthopaedic units.

Clinically, he specialises primarily in hip and knee arthroplasty. His interest in clinical management covered a spell as the interim Executive Medical Director of the Royal Derby Hospital before becoming the Divisional Medical Director for Surgery of the newly formed Trust. He is also a member of the BOA Professional Practice Committee.

During this time of change within the health service, particularly in the way services are commissioned and delivered, he is eager to see actively practicing clinicians at the forefront of the key decision making bodies. Whilst everyone appreciates financial concerns are unavoidable, he is keen to keep a patient-centred focus within these difficult discussions. As orthopaedics accounts for a huge part of the NHS budget, it frequently has the ‘spotlight of financial austerity’ firmly trained upon it. It is part of the BOA’s responsibility to inform and sometimes reform how these budgets are spent to the maximum benefit of patients whilst maintaining a quality agenda.

A keen educator, Arthur has taught extensively on many courses (national and international) including hip arthroplasty courses, FRCS(Orth) for SpR courses, chairing AO fracture courses and was the co-founder of the AO periprosthetic fracture course.

He is married, with two teenage children, and outside of work, he enjoys road cycling and training his gun dog.

Edward Dunstan image

Edward Dunstan

SCOT Chair

Edward Dunstan is an Orthopaedic Consultant based in Fife, Scotland where he is also Director of Surgery. Currently he is Chair of the Scottish Committee of Orthopaedics and Trauma (SCOT) and as such sits on the BOA Council. He has been heavily involved in service redesign, theatre efficiency and enhanced recovery in Scotland assisting with the GIRFT project and has participated in several peer reviews.

Simon Henderson image

Simon Henderson


Simon Henderson graduated from Queens University Belfast in 1983 and did the majority of his surgical and orthopaedic training in Northern Ireland. He undertook Fellowship training in Melbourne and Seattle before taking up his current post in Musgrave Park Hospital. He currently works as a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon with a subspecialist interest in Foot and Ankle Surgery for the Belfast Trust in Musgrave Park Hospital Belfast. Simon has a wide ranging clinical practice in all aspects of Foot and Ankle surgery. He has an active interest in educating the next generation of foot and ankle surgeons and is involved with the training programmes for undergraduate and postgraduate doctors as well as allied health professionals (podiatrists and physiotherapists). He has published widely in a variety of national and international journals as well as authoring a chapter in European Surgical Orthopaedics and Traumatology. Simon is a Past President of the British Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society and he is also a member of Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh); The British Orthopaedic Association; The Irish Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society and The European Foot and Ankle Society.

Sandeep Hemmadi image

Sandeep Hemmadi

Welsh NSAG Chair

Tim Wilton image

Tim Wilton

Council of Management, BJJ Chair

Tim is Medical Director of the National Joint Registry and a Past President of the BOA. He has been a consultant in Derby since 1990, specialising in knee surgery. He spent a number of years on the BASK executive serving as Treasurer, Secretary and ultimately as President. He also has a major interest in device safety, which is underlined by his work on the Committee of Safety of Devices, the introduction of ODEP ratings for knees and the knee aspects of the Beyond Compliance programme.

Matt Costa image

Matt Costa

Research Committee Chair

Matthew Costa is Professor of Orthopaedic Trauma Surgery at the University of Oxford and Honorary Consultant Trauma Surgeon at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford.  He is Chief Investigator for a series of randomised trials and associated studies supported by grants from the UK NIHR, Musculoskeletal Charities and the Trauma Industry.  Matt is Chair of the NIHR Clinical Research Network Injuries and Emergencies Specialty Group and the NIHR Musculoskeletal Trauma Trials Network.  He is also a member of the NIHR HTA Research Board.  He Chairs the BOA Research Committee and is the Specialty Lead in Orthopaedic Trauma for the Royal College of Surgeons of England.  He is Associate Editor for Trauma and Research Methods at the Bone and Joint Journal.

Matt is the President of the Orthopaedic Trauma Society and President of the Global Fragility Fracture Network.

Hiro Tanaka image

Hiro Tanaka

Education Committee Chair

Hiro Tanaka is a Consultant Foot and Ankle surgeon at Aneurin Bevan University Health Board. He is Chair of the BOA Education Committee and has led the development of the ST3 Bootcamp programme. He is a Health Foundation Fellow and is passionate about clinical leadership.

Matthew Brown image

Matthew Brown

BOTA President

Matthew is an orthopaedic specialist registrar on the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital training rotation in London. He graduated from Guy's, King's College & St Thomas' Hospitals School of Medicine in 2007 and has trained in hospitals throughout the southeast of England and for a period in Western Australia. Matthew has a keen interest in surgical training and trainee wellbeing.  In 2012 Matthew was elected to the pan-speciality Trainees Committee of the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) where he developed educational and professional events for surgical and non-surgical trainees. He served as the RSM section President in 2015/16. 

Matthew brought his experience to the British Orthopaedic Trainees Association (BOTA) when he was elected as the Education Representative in 2016. He represented trainees on the BOA Training Standards and Education committees and helped revise the T&O Higher Surgical curriculum. He delivered the flagship BOTA Educational Congress for 300 fellow trainees in 2017 and has represented trainees at numerous national committees, including the Joint Committee for Surgical Training (JCST). Matthew was elected President of BOTA in 2018 and subsequently sits on the Councils of the BOA and the Royal College of Surgeons of England. His primary surgical interest is surgery of the hand and wrist.

Julian Owen image

Julian Owen

BODS Chair

Following pre-clinical and clinical training at Trinity Hall and Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, I spent my junior doctor years in Southampton, Birmingham and Oswestry before joining the South West Thames Programme for Trauma & Orthopaedic Speciality Training. I spent my fellowship year at Sunnybrook Hospital, a Major Trauma Centre in Toronto with Marvin Tile, consolidating the Reconstructive Hip and Pelvic & Acetabular training I had received at St Georges Hospital with Martin Bircher, Simon Bridle & Adrian Day.

I started as Consultant T&O Surgeon at Cambridge University Hospitals in 2000 with interests in Trauma including P&A and Elective Hip and Knee. My Clinical work has consolidated; I now specialise in elective knee, hip and revision hip surgery. In doing so I have been able to pursue my interest in medical management.

In the last decade I have spent 4 years as T&O Speciality Lead, 3 years as Clinical Director of the MSK Clinical Business Unit at CUH. More recently I have transitioned to a regional role as MSK Clinical Lead of the Cambridgeshire Sustainability and Transformation Partnership, a post I still hold. On a national level I have spent the last few years as an active member of the British Orthopaedic Directors Society, becoming a Committee Member in 2017. I succeeded Vinay Takwale as BODS President in 2018. This being a two-year appointment that allows me to serve alongside as a BOA Council member.

Mamdouh Morgan image

Mamdouh Morgan

SAS Representative

Mamdouh Morgan is a senior orthopaedic surgeon in Birmingham. He graduated from medical school in Egypt in 1984 and started his orthopaedic career in the Army in 1986. He has a passion for training, educational and developmental needs of SAS doctors as Associate Postgraduate Dean. His mission at the BOA is to work with other stakeholders to ensure the educational activities for SAS Surgeons is incorporated into the assessment of Royal Colleges and the CESR application process.

Ian McNab image

Ian McNab

BMA Representative

Ian trained at the London Hospital Medical College and then as an SHO in London, Sussex and Oxford. His higher orthopaedic surgical training was on the Pott rotation, based on St Bartholomew's and the Royal London Hospitals. It spanned the transition to SpR training and I was ‘the last SR’! I undertook my hand and upper limb fellowship training in Oxford and then during a year in Melbourne.

He was appointed in 2000 as a Consultant Hand Surgeon at the Oxford University Hospitals Trust. He works in an excellent integrated team of seven T&O and Plastics hand consultants and closely with my other T&O colleagues, providing emergency care at our Regional Hand Trauma Unit at the John Radcliffe Hospital, and planned and reconstructive surgery at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre.

He has a keen interest in teaching as an Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer in the University of Oxford and at Wadham College. He is Head of the Oxford Hand Fellowship Programme and have served on the Training Interface Group for Hand Surgery, on the UK Hand Diploma Committee and as an examiner. He chairs the AOUK Hand Course. In 2007 he was awarded and undertook the prestigious BSSH Stack Travelling Fellowship in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and USA.

He have also served on: the BOA Board of Specialist Societies and Professional Practice Committee; as RCS/BOA Regional Specialty Professional Adviser (he proposed the motions at RCS EGM on Health & Social Care Act); the BSSH Research & Audit Committee & Council; and as BMA LNC Chair, Regional & National Consultant Committees, and as Chair, BMA Orthopaedic Sub-Committee.

Ian's wife Frances is a full-time consultant anaesthetist – with an interest in acute pain (management)! Previously he enjoyed rowing and mountaineering but we now usually undertake more gentle travel and hill-walking.

He believes the BOA must continue to develop strong leadership with pro-active policies and actions and to work collaboratively with other bodies to improve T&O services and training amongst the maelstrom of NHS change – he will focus my energies and experience on helping the BOA deliver.

Bertie Leigh

Lay Representative

Judith Fitch image

Judith Fitch

PLG Representative