Professional Practice Committee

Developing and sustaining excellence in professional practice is a core objective of the BOA’s overall strategy. The Professional Practice Committee (PPC) is charged by the BOA Council with maintaining a clear focus on all aspects of professional practice, including essential linkages with Association’s other core objectives related to training, education and research. In fulfilling this role, the committee:

  • Develops formal guidance for surgeons on clinical standards and key issues affecting practice;
  • Provides practical support to surgeons to assist management of these issues;
  • Acts as an expert panel to inform BOA position on policy issues and other initiatives affecting professional practice.



Ananda Nanu
Ananda NanuChairman

Saba Amanan

Adam Brooks

Simon Donell

Michael Foy

Bob Handley

Alan MacLeod

Bo Polsven

Andrew Port

Daniel Redfern

Arthur Stephen

Andrew Thomas

Helen VintBOTA Representative

Fiona Walmsley-CollinsPatient Liaison Group Representative