Training Standards Committee

The aim of the committee is to focus on the training and curriculum of the Specialist Registrars and support consultants and other trainers in the delivery of the curriculum.  The committee works in close liaison with the SAC, the Education Committee, the Education Board and BOA Council and is ultimately responsible to the GMC as the regulator.


Bhaskar Bhowal
Bhaskar BhowalChair

Deepa Bose

Mark Bowditch – SAC Chair

Patrick Williams- BOTA Representative 

Lisa Hadfield-Law BOA Educational Advisor

Mamdouh Morgan – SAS Representative

Duncan Tennent- Simulation Lead 

Raj Murali

Badri Narayan

Patrick Kiely

Matthew Newton Ede

Bill Ryan

Terms of Reference

The terms of reference for the Training Standards Committee can be downloaded here.