Current Research Strategy Activities

The BOA Research Committee was put into place to enact policy based on the 2012 Research Strategy.

The strategy elements and recent/current progress are as follows:

1. Introduce Good Clinical Practice training for trauma and orthopaedic surgeons at the BOA Annual Congress – this occurred for the first time in Birmingham in 2013

2. Establish a resource for clinical trial methodological support funded by BOA/Joint Action donations – read more here

3. Work with the Specialty Advisory Committee (SAC) to make improvements to research components of T&O training to establish a workforce that is more research savvy. Two changes we envisage are: making GCP training compulsory for all orthopaedic trainees; and requiring trainees to screen and enrol patients into national portfolio studies during their training. Discussions with the SAC are ongoing.

4. Establish a programme of research priority setting in conjunction with the James Lind Alliance. This is a continuing partnership and several topics have been successful. You can read more about these here.

5. Partner with the Royal College of Surgeons of England in their initiative to establish:

• Surgical trials expertise embedded within accredited CTUs
• Surgical trial champions in orthopaedics trauma and plastics/hand to help develop trial ideas and gain necessary funding. They will increase the number of surgeons involved in clinical research as chief and principal investigators

6. Engage with the trauma and orthopaedic specialist societies on all of the above. A research session at the BOA Annual Congress helps us to facilitate this.